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STT Little Bird is a website monitoring tool developed specifically for journalists and news media. Read how it can help your journalistic routines and scoop hunting.

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Little Bird helps our customer's keep their journalistic standards high and find new news topics.

News agency — Finland

SPY Report

Oy Suomen Tietotoimisto - Finska Notisbyrån Ab, is the Finnish news agency.

Publisher - Finland

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Demokraatti is a periodical specializing in politics, working life and culture.

Publisher - Finland

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Turun Sanomat is a publisher in Western Finland.

Publisher - Finland

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Moottori is the biggest car and automotive periodical in Finland.

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We use Pikkulintu to ensure the quality and coverage of our news operations.

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Easy to use

Little Bird helps journalists to keep track on newsworthy information in different websites. It sends an email alert when there are changes on a webpage which is tracked. Read how is used on local news production and specific topics.

SPY Report

News monitoring requires automation - this is how STT’s newsdesk is using Little Bird

Always updated

Little Bird let you know what happens on your selected sources. You can monitor changes on spesific page, part of the page or value changes.

SPY Report
SPY Report

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Pikkulintu is developed by the news agency STT and Namia the transformation partner of the media.